How 'Right In Front Of My Salad' Became The Internet's Favorite Meme



If you've never watched the non-pornographic scenes from porno flicks, then you're missing out on some quality comedic content. I'm not just talking about the terrible acting, nor am I talking about the ridiculous set-ups into the naughty scenarios that the characters in the pornos find themselves into all of a sudden.

Everyone in the movie knows that at the end of the day, people are just going to forward through those parts anyway, so they can say and do the most ridiculous things in the world that they want.

Like this woman disgusted by the fact that two people are going at it, right in front of her salad:

(And yes this is extremely NSFW)

The adult film actors blatant disregard for salad aside, people online had no choice but to empathize with the salad-eating woman, and not only empathize, but use her line as a meme.

And it started catching on, because, seriously, who starts pounding away and getting down and dirty in front of a person who's just trying to eat their salad? An inconsiderate couple of people, that's who.

You could use it for pretty much any scenario, not just NSFW ones. Although the idea of someone doing the no-pants dance right in front of your salad is probably the funniest iteration of this meme.

Some were dying to know the origin behind such a crisp meme.

But the answer was right in front of them the entire time.

Which was shocking to many, or maybe they were just pretending to shocked and that they never watched the video before.

The meme can be found everywhere.

But be warned, before you look too much into it...

Well the meme is helping some people consider new career paths, at least.

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