Twitter Is Afraid To Ask What This Japanese Mascot Is Supposed To Be



If there's a country that really takes pride in their mascots, it is Japan.  I don't know what it is about the culture or the country, but in a mascot-off between any other country, I know that the land of the rising sun will take the top prize every single time just for their sheer enthusiasm in crafting some of the most ridiculously awesome mascots the world has ever seen. I mean, just look at this thing.

And it looks like they'll come up with a mascot to sell just about anything. Licorice? Let's come up with a mascot. A toothbrush? Mascot. Tire cleaner? Well I've got a marketing tool for you and it begins with a "ma" and ends with a "scot".

Just take a look at this little penguin-faced darling. Cute, right?

People, at first, couldn't figure out what this mascot was supposed to be. An adorable little penguin? A cute and cuddly little mythical creature that was developed solely for the purpose of selling whatever it's supposed to be selling?

But deep down inside, they knew the truth. If you ask me, it's obvious this thing is a giant, sentient enema. I mean just look at it. It's begging to clean a butt.

No amount of vacant stares or empty, pleasant smiles can change that - this is an enema. An enema mascot. A mascot that's also an enema. Yikes.

And he has a name: Kan-Chan. The enema penguin. My god.

Welcome to Japan, where they have mascots specifically designed to sell you butt cleansers.

Please don't let this phrase catch on.

But if you've spent any time in Japan at all, or even just browsing, "weird Japanese mascots," then Kan-Chan the enemascot probably won't surprise you.

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