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This Mom Thinks She Looks Like Jennifer Aniston And You Can't Tell Her Any Different

This Mom Thinks She Looks Like Jennifer Aniston And You Can't Tell Her Any Different
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10 months ago

Growing up with "extra" parents is something that's really, really precious. Oftentimes, you don't recognize that they're extra until a friend of yours points it out. You just go your entire life thinking their behavior is entirely normal.

I never knew my parents were extra until I started interacting with other kids' parents and told them stories about my own folks. It was then I realized that yes, my parents indeed have their quirks.

And now, thanks to the magic of Twitter, the extra-ness of everyone's parents can be put on full display. Like this daughter who shared this hilarious exchange between her and her mom.

The two share a banking account, and her mother kept changing the security questions to things she couldn't figure out the answer to. The latest culprit was "What celebrity do you most resemble?"

Holly couldn't figure out who her mother thought she looked most like, so she was forced to text her for the answer.

Her mother couldn't understand why she kept getting the answer wrong. Like duh, clearly she looks like Jennifer Aniston.


I mean, clearly.

People immediately fell in love with Holly's mama.

Some actually started seeing where her mom was coming from, too.

Some said it was a Filipino parent thing.

Looks like the joke's on Holly, because her mom is totally Jennifer Aniston.

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