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Russians Are Obsessed With Models Eating KFC On Social Media

By Mustafa Gatollari

There are some weird food trends that seem to just be tailor made for Instagram, like pimple-popping cakes. Now that kind of thinking, as gross as it may be, is a bit out of the box, so you have to admire that kind of ingenuity. When it comes to marketing and capturing people's attention, there are few things that sell more than sex - as tired as that may be.

It's why shirtless, ripped dudes dripping with sweat will hold a tub of protein powder while showing off their abs. Or women trying to sell yoga pants will hold a stretch in perfect poses that highlight just how much work they put into their bodies.

Now for fitness products that makes sense: they're selling aesthetics. But what about throwing breasts into Instagram posts about fried chicken? Where's the logic in that?