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The Things People Noticed Watching 'Friends' For The First Time Are Hilarious

The Things People Noticed Watching 'Friends' For The First Time Are Hilarious
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Updated 6 months ago

I hated watching Friends growing up namely because it seemed like a bunch of privileged nonsense to me and my family at the time.

I had zero interest in the relationships between a bunch of characters who, on the surface, didn't do anything cool. All they did was hang out in a lame coffee shop and have zero clue how to commit in a relationship.

Plus, why would I want to watch that garbage when I could see quality entertainment like this on a regular basis? 

There's no bazooka in Friends, is there??

So when the show came to Netflix and my wife put it on TV for months, I, by proxy, learned the entire plot of the show, and I have to say, I was floored by just how awful some of the characters were.

Which is why I'm so happy someone started a Twitter thread that shares some of the craziest things I noticed after watching Friends so late in life.

The styles definitely seemed a bit...much.

The shoes are definitely terrible, but yes, the styles they were rocking made them seem way too put together for a bunch of losers trying to figure their lives out in NYC.

But back to the important observations, of which there are many. Turns out Blake, Big Ron, and I were haunted by the same thing.

My thoughts exactly.

Ross is just the worst.

Seriously, people just hate him.

They even hated the forced relationship between him and Rachel.

As far as the "break" debate goes, this guy is convinced that there is no debate.

But the dramatic surprises of the show still hold up, decades later.

Others were surprised at how they main characters were a bunch of lightweights.

Others couldn't believe how heartless everyone was towards Phoebe.

While people picked up that there are certain jokes that could be told back in the '90s that definitely wouldn't fly on TV today.

Frankly, I'm just surprised that more people don't talk about Brad Pitt and Sean Penn's cameos in the show.

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