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Starbucks Barista Posts 'All Syrup' Order That Started A Chain Reaction



During JB Smoove's episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, he talked about his peculiar butter pecan ice cream eating habits. Namely, that he eats the ice cream first and then leaves all of the soaked, pecan bits at the bottom of the pint to consume at the end.

After hearing this bit of bizarreness, Seinfeld did what he does best: cuts right to the universal truth of what everyone is really thinking after hearing such a strange manner of eating ice-cream: by simply stating, with conviction that people are weird.

Especially when it comes to our food eating habits. I know people who only eat tuna fish with mustard, their eggs with curry paste, and their cucumbers...with mayonnaise.

If you work in the food service industry, then you're definitely no stranger to the weird food consumption habits of fellow human beings, like this Starbucks barista who posted a photo of a customer's request that was so intricate, it required two stickers to show the entire order.

To give you an idea of just how absurd this drink is, she tweeted a follow-up photo of what it looks like after she just included the requested syrups in the order.

No coffee. No milk, just weird flavor-juices.

People wanted to know if she actually made the drink, and yes, she did follow-through with the stomach churning order. Believe it or not, asking for all the additional fixins' didn't make the drink cost an arm and a leg, either.

Other baristas started sharing their gross drink orders, and they were just as jam-packed of barfiness.

Like this one person who once encountered an individual who drank 17 shots of espresso...from a single cup.

Then there appears to be another who, inexplicably requested 25 pumps of vanilla flavored syrup...blech.

The Barista Confessions began.

People attempted to understand the logic that these weird-beverage drinking individuals employed when concocting their drinks.

Some people think that it's not a real order at all, just an application developer trying to put the Starbucks order app through its paces to see if it could handle any order it threw at it, no matter how complicated.

Now that may be the case, but then again, there are people who order some weird stuff. I should know, because every time I go to Blaze pizza I basically put a meat and salad on top of my pie.

So all of these monstrosities can't be chalked up to just testing.

What's also annoying is that these complex orders are ultimately super wasteful.

While a lot of the drinks are jam-packed with sugar, others love the artificial sweeteners. Like this customer who put 15 Splendas in their beverage.

That's right. 15.

In case you were wondering what the original drink looked like that started this whole thread, a fellow barista recreated it just to see what it would look like.

That's a whole lot of 'beetus right there.

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