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Source: reddit

30 People Who Shouldn't Be Let Anywhere Near An Automobile


There are some laws that are clearly set up just to get people in trouble and make money off of them. Parking tickets, confusing traffic violation signs in major cities with hefty towing fees come to mind. 

Then, there are some instances where I wish laws were more stringent to protect the rights of citizens, like the insane rise of property taxes in my home state, and the state's ability to basically steal your paid-off home if you don't pay these taxes is something I think needs to be re-evaluated. It's not like the government's sending somebody to your home to mow your lawn for you or service your septic tank - why do I need to pay a premium, every single year, for the privilege of holding on to something I already own? It's not like I have to pay taxes on a Macbook or car I own for the rest of my life, so why do I have to do the same thing for land? It makes zero sense.

But there are some laws that I think are perfectly designed to keep the public safe, and they are driver's licenses. I don't want someone who's incapable of driving a car operating a huge death machine down a highway or residential area. Sure, they're not perfect and the DMV is a mess, but at least the effort of making sure people are competent drivers is something I appreciate. But how these people got their licenses in the first place is beyond me.

1. This taco-loving driver who ruined their interior...because of a bee.

Source: reddit

Bees do suck, but you know they swerved all over the road because of an insect.