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This Guy Posted A Hilarious Warning As To Why Tasing Yourself Is A Bad Idea



I've never been tasered. Nor do I have any desire to be.

But for some reason, people willingly do it.

Now I get if you're doing it because you're trying to work in the military or law enforcement, but to just try it out for the heck of it seems kind of insane to me.

But let's say you wanted to see what a shock would feel like, a tiny one, to gauge how you would react. I might be persuaded to be shocked a little bit if someone had a gag pen or one of those old school handshake shockers you always saw in the cartoons.

But after reading Facebook user Tony Welch's experience with a pocket taser that ran on AAA batteries he purchased for his wife, I don't think I'd be up for even that.

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The guy's story starts out innocuously enough. He wanted to make sure the taser worked, so he tested it on some metal surfaces first.

Maybe not something I would do, but the guy wasn't hurting himself, yet.

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He needed to make sure that this thing would be powerful enough to ward off an attacker, should his wife ever be in such a dire situation.

So what was Mr. Welch to do?

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Despite reading the warning label his newly purchased self-defense weapon came packaged with, Welch wasn't convinced that the tiny thing was capable of putting the fear of God in anyone.

So he ultimately decided to test it on himself.

To call it a bad idea would be an understatement.

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Welch pointed out a huge problem with tasering yourself: the muscle spasms induced by the shock makes it impossible to let go of the device. So tasering yourself for "just a bit" is almost impossible.

You end up shocking yourself for as long as it takes your body to involuntarily knock the thing out of your hand. Something Welch learned the hard way.

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What ensued in his bout of spastic madness was equal parts scary and hilarious.

Plus, his nipples pretty much caught fire.

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Welch used the traumatic episode as a lighthearted warning to others about the dangers of tasing yourself.

And it's also pretty great that his wife now has an inside joke she can share with her husband. What a great relationship where you can regularly tease someone with a loving threat of electrocution.

This guy tested a $10 one off Amazon on himself. While his arm was in a sling for good measure.

In case you wanted to see what it's like getting tasered in slow motion, then check this out.

I'm just hoping that watching people get tasered keeps you from doing it to yourself, so please, get stuck in a YouTube hole!

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