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20+ Of The Best 'My Culture Is NOT Your Prom Dress' Memes



In case you haven't been on Twitter recently, there was a bit of a hullabaloo when a white high school student decided to rock a traditional Chinese, high-collared dress to her school prom.

She thought she looked great so she figured she'd flex on social media, as people are wont to do. Some agreed with her and "YASSS-ed" her into oblivion, praising her prom look.

Others were pissed off and thought that she was guilty of cultural appropriation. Particularly Twitter user Jeremy Lam who provided a great history lesson on the significance of the Qipao that the Twitter user was so proud of wearing to her prom.

Some people thought that Lam and other people's anger towards the teen for wearing the dress was gratuitous. Chinese citizens actually living in China were confused about the outrage, like Wu Nao Liu, who wrote the following on Weibo, a social media platform popular in the country.

"I feel proud that some people are wearing clothes from our culture. Isn't it a good thing that more people get to know more about the qipao?"

Once the story blew up, the people angry at Keziah caused a lot of eye-rolls and became the butt of some people's jokes. Lam's tweet even inspired a bunch of memes that are absolutely hilarious, something you'd have to admit even if you agree with him.

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People got got religious/topical with it.

And super nerdy as well - just look at this grade A science pun.

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Zebras are apparently very upset that people are using their prints on human clothing.

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There's the always funny "Mark Zuckerberg is a lizard person" meme variation.

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IKEA enthusiasts weren't too thrilled with people using their bags as clothing, either.

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People got as offensive as they wanted with the meme.

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Pokemon enthusiasts are insulted too.

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We can't forget about the steak industry demographic.

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Shrek is love, Shrek is life. NOT a prom dress.

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Tasteless Halloween shouldn't be made light of.

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Who does Justin Trudeau think he is, wearing a kilt?!

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Awful beer lovers are very protective of their culture apparently.

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People really went all out with their roasts. Mountain Dew and Doritos-loving gamers don't appreciate it when people "pretend" to love their "gaming fuel."

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How dare non-French people think they can get away with wearing French-cut dresses and designed popularized by French designers. It makes me sick.


Swans got offended.

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Could you believe SNES enthusiasts have to endure these kind of insults on a daily basis?

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Do you even smoke weed every day?

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I feel bad for Anakin.

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Just because you made a wonderful Taco Belle pun, doesn't make appropriation right.

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Sanitation workers weren't amused, either.

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She's been permanently banned from Flavor Town.

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Dictators have feelings too.

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It's all fun and games until the owner of your local Italian eatery sees.

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As long as people are offended by something, there will always be a meme roasting them for it.

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