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Source: istock

This Woman's Extended Troll Session On A 'Romance' Scammer Is Epic

By Mustafa Gatollari

If you've used the internet or have a cell phone, then you've probably had more than a couple of interactions with scammers before.

They have tons of creative ways of trying to separate you from your money. Gone are the days of the Nigerian Prince who wants to entrust you with a huge sum of his fortune in exchange for a generous percentage of said fortune, all you need to do is give them access to your bank account information.

Nowadays you'll get calls from people pretending to be the IRS, your auto insurance agency, or "Microsoft Tech Support." The best part of these tech support calls is that the folks on the other end are the least professional people you'll ever talk to. A clear sign to hang up on them but sadly, tons of old folks fall for these cons. Some people are smart enough to waste a scammer's time (so they're not scamming someone else) and/or reveal to them that they knew they weren't legit the entire time, which usually results in them getting very, very angry. They say some pretty horrible things when that happens.