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This Woman's Extended Troll Session On A 'Romance' Scammer Is Epic



If you've used the internet or have a cell phone, then you've probably had more than a couple of interactions with scammers before.

They have tons of creative ways of trying to separate you from your money. Gone are the days of the Nigerian Prince who wants to entrust you with a huge sum of his fortune in exchange for a generous percentage of said fortune, all you need to do is give them access to your bank account information.

Nowadays you'll get calls from people pretending to be the IRS, your auto insurance agency, or "Microsoft Tech Support." The best part of these tech support calls is that the folks on the other end are the least professional people you'll ever talk to. A clear sign to hang up on them but sadly, tons of old folks fall for these cons. Some people are smart enough to waste a scammer's time (so they're not scamming someone else) and/or reveal to them that they knew they weren't legit the entire time, which usually results in them getting very, very angry. They say some pretty horrible things when that happens. 

Another known scam is the "romantic con." A random stranger will hit up someone in another country, start courting them over the web, and then play a long-con in an attempt to secure a money wire transfer. It happened to this woman who ultimately ended up helping her online scammer and people in his village after he stole money from her.

This guy thought he'd be a two-for-one creeper and message a random woman out of the blue in an attempt to get her to send both nudes and $500 via Western Union. She easily identified his scumbag behavior and decided to toy with him. The results are nothing short of glorious.

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It starts like any random creepy message from a dude online.

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She starts the trolling early on by messing with his name.

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A lot of the jokes are just flying over his head, which makes the whole exchange even funnier.

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She knows what he's getting at and decides to play along.

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The guy clearly doesn't understand how much he's being made fun of.

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She keeps it up with the poor grammar jokes, and they're just perfect.

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She decides to make the whole situation even more interesting by giving him some clever euphemisms to use instead of bad words.

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Yes. She got him to write that.

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Normally I'd feel bad, but remember: this person is supposed to be a scammer, so the humiliation is seemingly justified.

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She takes thing up a notch by asking him to change his Facebook status.

He's a bit reluctant to do that, at first.

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She doesn't let him off the hook easily and demands proof.

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She finally decided to give it to him and let him know that she's been wasting his time. Of course, she had to get creative to do so.

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Incredible, I know.

As dense as the guy seems, he figures out right away that the jig is up. It doesn't stop him from trying to save face, however.

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How quickly he went from being the love of her life to hating her guts the second he found out he was humiliated.

It's always a good day when a scammer gets what's coming to them.

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