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Source: marvel

Marvel Fan Asks Her Wife To Name 'Infinity War' Characters And Her Answers Are Hilarious


It seems like Marvel can't churn out their movies fast enough, regardless of how obscure the heroes they're putting in the films are. Seriously, if 10 years ago someone walked into a producer's office with an Ant-Man script they'd probably get laughed out of the office and blacklisted from Hollywood.

Yet here we are and we're already two Guardians of the Galaxy movies in, Black Panther surpassed Titanic's box office gross, and there was a standalone Dr. Strange movie that was absolutely incredible... Marvel can't lose. They know this, which is why they've got films planned out for the next few years and are going to introduce even more characters into the Marvel cinematic universe.

Which is great for moviegoers and comic book fans, but it also provides a rather unique problem: keeping track of all these darn heroes. I grew up on comics and nerd culture and even I found myself stumbling naming some of the characters in the Infinity War film.

So I can totally sympathize with this woman's wife, who, when asked to name the characters from the movie off the top of her head, hadn't the foggiest idea who they were. She tweeted out her hilarious answers, which you can check out below.

1. Hulk.

Source: marvel

Correct answer: Thanos.