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27 Memes That Skincare Addicts Will Find Relatable AF



For some, skincare is just another part of their daily hygiene regimen. A face scrub in the shower or a makeup wipe before bed. Then there are those of us for whom skincare is a hobby, a passion, a way of life.

Every skincare addict knows there are ups and downs on the road to honing and maintaining your perfect routine - the time we allot for it usually feels like a self-care retreat, but after an overly long day it can feel like a burden, and sometimes we get a little carried away looking for imperfections in the mirror. 

Here are 27 realities about being obsessed with skincare that will make you say “it’s only funny because it’s true.”

1. There are times you’re so tired, you wish your face could just wash itself.

2. But you know you’ll regret it in the morning if you don’t...

3. So you (usually) make the effort.

4. You’ve been guilty of using skincare to procrastinate under the guise of “de-stressing”.

5. You’ve turned down invites because you already started your night routine. 

6. You’re not above hoarding multiples of your favorite products.

7. Yeah breakups suck, but have you ever thought you were having a great skin day only to have the office bathroom lighting mercilessly drag you back to reality?

8. You take advice from beauty gurus, celebs, and other genetically blessed people with a huge grain of salt.

9. And you’ve had to bite your tongue when that one friend who never breaks out tries to recommend products to you.

10. But of course you occasionally overshare about your own routine.

11. You have to stop yourself from buying new products you damn well know you don’t need.

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12. Sometimes you’re just drawn in by cute packaging.

13. Despite your unabashed love of products, the gendered marketing can be perplexing.

14. Like, we’re all just trying to have healthy, blemish-free skin, right?


15. Skincare is about consistency, but you can’t help feeling betrayed when a new product doesn’t work miracles overnight.

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16. And you’ve overdone it with treatments in the eager pursuit of even, glowy skin.

17. Even when you accept that results take time, it can be hard to tell if you’re actually making progress.

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18. You’ve spent so much time researching products, you’re basically an expert on AHAs, BHA and retinoids.

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19. So you get a little too enthusiastic when friends and family ask you for recommendations.

20. You know that lifestyle is a factor too, even if you don’t always want to admit it.

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21. But you’re slowly adopting better habits.

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22. Because your skin won’t stay so resilient forever.

23. When life feels overwhelming, your routine provides a sense of order.

24. Even though it sometimes feels like your skin has a mind of its own.

25. Or maybe even has it out for you?

26. Honestly, at times you can be your own worst enemy.

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27. But at the end of the day you know your dedication to skincare will pay off.

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