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22 Dads Who Went Full Dad For Their Daughters



Growing up as a Muslim-Albanian family with very patriarchal ideas on the way a family is supposed to operate, my idea of what a father should be was a very "man's man" one.

He brings home the bacon, laughs maybe five times a year, and was really into Clint Eastwood and Martin Scorcese movies. Oh, and a Marlboro Red had to be perpetually hanging out the side of his mouth.

Fast forward years later and here I am, dadding it up, and I'm not that, like, at all. The manliest thing I probably do is hit the gym, bro, and not shave my chest hair. Other than that though, I'm nothing like the former generation of "guy's guys" that raised me. Which I'm totally cool with, because I'm already learning special hair braids to try out on my daughter once she gets older. Because her old man might be a North Jersey meathead, but he's going to be a meathead who doesn't mind having tea parties and getting his nails painted with his little girl.

1. Like this police officer who isn't a big enough man to do some ballet with his baby girl.

2. This dad and daughter who have the cutest morning ritual.

3. This dad who returned home and surprised his baby girl.

4. This dad who practices gymnastics with his daughter.

5. This father and daughter bond over hair-braiding time.

6. The best part about it is you can do it any where.

7. Or come up with your own unique methods.

8. There was this awesome dad who memorized his daughter's dance routine so he could help her out offstage if she missed a step.

9. This daddy daughter dance duo is pretty awesome, too.

10. This bearded dad took to twitter to help his daughter land a job after she was fired for having dyed hair.

11. Then there was this dad who trolled his daughter with this hilarious birthday wish post.

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12. Then there were all the times this dad trolled his daughter's selfies and her ridiculous poses.

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13. And this time.

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14. They're just so good.

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15. Nailed it.

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16. Flawless.

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17. There was this dad at a one direction concert.

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18. This Elsa dad.

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19. This dad swing.

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20. She wanted to be the wolf, and dad obliged.

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21. No coloring book? No problem.


22. A father's love for his daughter truly knows no bounds.

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Come poop, or pee.

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