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19 Flight Attendants Share People's Worst Attempts at Joining the "Mile High Club"


There are some mythical occurrences that only a few people have experienced in their lives. They're so elusive that you almost think the people that regale you with these stories are lying about them. Like the bro at your gym who totally did molly last weekend and talked a lesbian couple into a threesome at their place. Because, you know they couldn't go back to his on account that he still lives with his parents, but only because the lease on his 3-series is so high and that plus the insurance is killing him.

Another sexual "unicorn" is the elusive Mile High Club, which is just a fancy way of saying you had sex on a plane while it is up in the air - usually in the bathroom.

Although it's totally happened before, and some of the tales seem like they're straight out of a late-night Skinemax film with an $80,000 budget, not all people's attempts at getting a jet-set lay ended so well.

1. There's this huge misunderstanding.

Once I was flying from NY to Vegas to meet up with some friends and there was a guy next to me who was clearly pretty interested in chatting, so we had a very generic small talk conversation and then I started watching a movie
Mid movie I had to use the bathroom, so I asked if I could get past him, he said something and gestured what I thought meant "oh want me to move" and I just was doing my not actually listening and yeah yeah I have to get past
He walks out into the aisle so I can get out of our row, but he is between me and the nearest bathroom, so I move a step or two down the aisle so he can get back into out row of seats but instead he starts walking toward the bathroom, and I thought well fine, I guess he will go to the other one since both vacant signs are lit up
But then he walks just past the bathrooms and doesn't try and open either of them, but oh well, I have to pee. So I go in and within a few seconds someone seems to be trying to open the door, I say "just a minute" or something, it jiggles a few more times, and then I hear the guy from the seat next to me voice. Something like "let me know when you are ready" or something
Anyhow I finish up and open the door and he's standing right in front of it, and starts trying to get in, so I just squeeze past him and have to push him a bit and run back to my seat
He comes back too, and sits right back next to me, and we both sit in silence for the remainder of the flight
Tldr: while not paying attention and nodding along just wanting to get past I think I may have agreed to airplane bathroom sex with some random guy

- yoursolace