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Source: imgur

Someone Put Up A Craigslist Ad For A 'BBQ' Dad To Preside Over Their Cookout

By Mustafa Gatollari

Shin-high white socks. Old-school New Balances. Cargo shorts. A bottle of generic beer. A worn out pastel, classic fit polo shirt. Sunglasses around the neck. Tongs in hand. An eye squint fixated on chicken thighs, hamburger patties, strips of steak, and hot dogs cooking on a grill.

All necessary components of classic dad barbecue grillmaster imagery. Imagery that, for some reason, exponentially improves the flavor of whatever's being grilled.

If you've never experienced the joy of a dad figure getting their barbecue on for you, then I've got to tell you, you're really missing out and you should get that on your bucket list like, immediately.