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14 Of The Most Relatable Tweets About Freelancing

14 Of The Most Relatable Tweets About Freelancing
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There seem to be more freelancers than salaried employees in the world these days. As difficult as it may sometimes feel to make a living by stringing one gig to the next, at least you're in good company. We're all permalancing forever together!

A flexible schedule also leaves people time to tweet, which means that freelancers are always sharing all their observations about the toughest parts of their lifestyle. These are some of the most relatable tweets from the freelancers at home screaming into the void because they don't work in a normal office with co-workers to gossip with. It helps to know you're understood when frustrating things happen.

Like when the client doesn't communicate, and wastes your time:

Or they don't seem to have a basic grasp of how apps work:

There's also the stress of having so much to do that your decision making abilities completely shut down:

But then there are the dry times. When there's no frosting anywhere. You think you'll never work again. Then BAM. Terror followed by a different kind of terror is very stimulating!

But because you're at home, it's easy to get distracted.

There's also the fun of tax season, which always hits like a mack truck:

It's hard not to relate everything to money when you're freelancing, honestly.

Because you need to get paid. And there's no schedule!

It's almost like people don't respect your hustle?

Or value your skills?

Yes, the word "free" is in freelancer, but that's not what it actually means...

So stop asking.

No one can pay the rent with "exposure."

But there are some benefits to freelancing that no office job can compete with. When you work from home, you don't have to wear pants.

Down with pants!!

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