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Source: twitter

This Mom Was the Ultimate Wingwoman for Her Daughter But Dad Wasn't Having It

By Mustafa Gatollari

Talking about any aspect of my romantic life with my parents was strictly off-limits—mostly because I was from a religious background and my folks made it very clear that there was only one road to romantic fulfillment: through the careful, formal pursuit of marriage.

The more family members involved in this pursuit, the better. Formal dinner gatherings, awkward conversations between a young man and young woman about career goals and aspirations, with no physical contact whatsoever. God forbid I mentioned I liked someone who wasn't Albanian, or who wasn't at least a few years younger than me, or even expressed remote interest in another man.

Eventually, my folks came around and got out of the whole arranged-marriage-lite mindset and accepted that I was dating people—which will hopefully make things easier for my younger siblings should they ever want to mention that there's someone they're seeing.