Woman Snaps Photos Of Sleeping BF On Vacation, Asks Internet To Photoshop 'What He Missed'



There are plenty of ways to troll a sleeping friend while on a road trip. My personal favorite is parking the car in front of a light pole or a wall, flashing your lights, and having everyone in the car at the same time scream their heads off as if you're all about to die.

That's one way to wake them up.

But Eria found a different approach to trolling her boyfriend, Scott, that had a much longer effect: she enlisted the help of the I'm Telling God Facebook group in roasting him mercilessly for his soporific ways. As a result, the 'Sleepy Scott' meme was born.

1. Here's the original photo in question.

Source: facebook

Look at him, just sleeping like the sleepy road-tripper that he is. Despicable.

2. There's so much that he missed, apparently they took a detour through Jurassic Park.

Source: facebook

Maybe if he'd been awake, he could've saved Dr. Grant and those poor children some grief, or maybe buy Robert Muldoon and Ray Arnold some time before they were massacred by raptors.

3. Scott would have a take on all this Russia drama...if only he was awake to tell us about the country's president riding a bear.

Source: facebook

4. OK this is not normal. How can anyone sleep while driving through Flavortown?

Source: facebook

Do you know the kind of lassitude one has to endure in order to stay asleep in the presence of Fieri's bleached blonde hair?

5. If he was only nodding forward a bit in this photo, the entire thing would've been perfect.

Source: facebook

Thanks for being asleep, Scott.

6. Plot twist: he's actually sleeping in his driver's license photo as well.

Source: facebook

Man, when these cops don't need to fill their quotas they are very, very lenient.

7. Some guys are suckers for that fresh-out-of-bed look.

Source: facebook

And others go absolutely nuts for the straight-up "asleep aesthetic."

8. See what happens when you nod off on the road, Scott? You miss a driving dog.

Source: facebook

9. Sleepy Scott got trolled hard.

Source: facebook

And so did you. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then look again.

10. Maybe Scott could've helped Jack survive the icy cold waters of the Arctic...

Source: facebook


11. He missed his chance to party with Hunter S. Thompson.

Source: facebook

That's a once in a lifetime opportunity, man.

12. Not even the greatest screensaver in the world could wake Scott up.

Source: facebook

And yes, he was asleep for the pipe maze.

13. Does, does Scott know what happened to 'Pac?!

Source: facebook

If only he'd been awake, he could've seen who was responsible for the late rapper's murder.

14. And this is how Robin number 47 died.

Source: facebook

Because Scott was asleep.

15. You know who doesn't love the smell of napalm in the morning?

Source: facebook

Scott. He could care less.

16. This is probably what was distracting Zuckerberg during his hearing.

Source: facebook

Scott snoozing in the backseat of a car.

17. I can't even make a joke about this one.

Source: facebook


18. Scott's the hero they deserve.

Source: facebook

19. Although he did play an instrumental role in getting out of T-1000's way.

Source: facebook

20. Thankfully, he made it out of the Zombie Apocalypse alive. Apparently they can't hurt you while you're sleeping.

Source: facebook

21. Keep sleeping on road trips, Scott.

Source: facebook

Because you're gonna get tattled on.

22. "Oh no Doc, he's sleeping."

Source: facebook

23. I don't blame Scott.

Source: facebook

I mean, why listen to these nerds when there's bands like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.

24. The good news is that Scott took the good-natured ribbing in stride.

Source: facebook

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