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The Stupidest Things People Asked 100% Seriously


We've all had brain farts from time to time. Right after your friend drops you off at home and then you run to catch up to their car asking if you left your phone in there, only to realize it's right in your hand. Or asking what Chris Pratt's real name is aloud while watching Guardians of the Galaxy, or when you order an ice water with no ice.

They're not your proudest moments, and it might take you a second or two to realize that what you just said makes you sound like a total crazy person, but it's just one of the many pitfalls of being a human being.

Then there are questions that people ask, which no amount of insomnia or a lack of coffee can explain. There's only one excuse for these questions: plain stupidity.

1. What a co-NUN-drum.

Source: istock
My 21 year old sister once asked my entire family at dinner if nuns don’t have sex, where do they get more nuns? That takes the cake for me.

- ZJones1994