Thirsty DM-Slider Gets Trolled Brilliantly by Woman's Fiancé



The most annoying part of social media platforms is the insane number of thirsty people who are constantly trying to slide into someone else's DMs. It's so prevalent, even celebrities are caught doing it.

What's even more messed up is when people knowingly send direct messages to people who are in relationships. I can't count the number of creepazoids my wife rolls her eyes out and grunts "ugh" to as she deletes message requests on her personal Instagram account. Her page is filled with pictures of us as a family, but some dudes just can't take the hint.

Like this one guy who thought he'd message 21-year-old Amy Perkins and ask her out for a drink. She declined, explaining that she was about to get married to her boyfriend. The dude's response to that was a bit infuriating.

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He "jokingly" offers to marry her, should she and her significant other ever break up. Now I don't know about you, but even if you secretly hope someone breaks up with their S/O, you don't say that to somebody.

Clearly they're in a relationship for a reason, and you'd have to be a pretty big dirtbag to wish that their upcoming marriage would break down. Something that both Amy and her fiancé, Ashley, were struck by.

But rather than just getting mad, the two of them decided to get even — and teach this thirsty dude a thing or two about sliding into the DMs of someone who is spoken for.

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Now you might be thinking to yourself, "OK, but how is Amy giving this dude a booty shot teaching him anything?" Yes, that would be confusing. It was even confusing to the guy who messaged her.

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Although he seem a little nonplussed by the provocative photo, he persisted, seemingly un-phased that his offer of some "action" would potentially break up a marriage.

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However, he was quick to learn that the booty he was admiring didn't belong to Amy at all, but her fiancé, Ashley. Who was more than happy to send the dude a picture of the person whose behind he was really admiring.

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Quicker than you can say, "die f-boy," the thirsty dude ended up noping out of the situation and blocking Amy's Instagram account immediately. Guess he doesn't like being tricked into finding men's bodies attractive, oh well.

In an interview with Metro, Amy and Ashley talked about the whole hilarious situation and the inordinate amount of compliments Ashley's been receiving on his backside.

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Amy says that she wasn't surprised that the thirsty dude who reached out to her was fooled into drooling over her fiancé's butt — she thinks it's a "lovely bottom." And there are plenty of people who agree.

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But there are some other commenters who weren't so forgiving of the original messager's oversights — they couldn't believe they didn't notice Ashley's other manly attributes.

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Or that he took the prank very seriously. If anyone has a problem with a dude shaving his butt for a joke, then I'd like to have a word with them. Because if you're going to troll someone, especially a rando who's hitting on your S/O, you have to go all the way.

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But people started noticing other things about the photo as well. Like the "emergency" can of Pringles in the background of Ashley's big reveal. Were they planted there? Did they know the guy loved non-greasy, intact potato chips and that would distract from Amy's boo's "manly" forearms?

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Some, however, had a problem with Amy signing off with "xx" on her messages and say that she was sending the dude "mixed messages." But I think she made it pretty clear that she wasn't interested at all. Plus "xx" is one of those force-of-habit things. How many times have you typed "lol" and you weren't laughing out loud? Be honest.

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