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Source: istock

18 Universally Infuriating Things That'll Undeniably Make You Cringe


We've all been there. Having an absolutely carefree day, enjoying the cloudless sky when the smallest thing makes us tick, and suddenly the whole world has exploded into shambles. 

For me, it's being at a dinner party, enjoying my meal and the company I'm in when someone cuts their steak too aggressively and their knife grazes the plate just so — resulting in the shrill sound I can only compare to a nails-on-a-chalkboard moment. 

Whatever minor misfortunes annoy the hell out of you, you can be sure, thanks to the internet, that you're not alone. 

Below, 18 of the most universally infuriating misfortunes that'll be sure to give you a panic attack. Or at least make you really, really cringe.

1. The classic link click.

Source: istock

"When you go to click a link, but something further up the page finally loads and shifts everything, so you click on the wrong thing."

- bearded-one-

This reminds me of the good old days of online streaming when one erroneous click would lead to 15 new windows simultaneously opening on the screen.