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Source: istock

19 People Who Are So Cheap It'll Make You Laugh-Cry


I can't remember the last time I bought a pen. I mean, there are perfectly good ballpoints rolling around every time you have to pay for food at a restaurant, or check in to a hotel, or go anywhere, really. And if it writes finely enough (I'm a .3 to .5 girl) in black (keep your blue pens), I'll probably check my periphery and slip it in my purse. 

I'm not exactly proud of this tacky habit of mine, but considering I grew up in a household where my grandmother would pocket anything from napkins to sugar packets to handfuls of breath mints when leaving a restaurant, I figure I could have ended up much worse.

So when I saw people started sharing the cheapest things they've ever seen someone do on reddit, I laugh-cried through the entire thing. Below, some of the cheapest cheapskates you'll ever encounter. 

1. Feed the goats — I mean, kids.

Source: istock
"Back when my brother and I were young kids, we took a trip to the zoo with my grandma. When my brother and I got hungry, we asked her to buy us food. Since everything at places like these is extremely inflated, my cheap grandma refused to but us normal food. She proceeded to walk up to the stand where you can buy crackers to feed the goats, and bought my brother and I a handful or crackers for $2. Horrific experience."

- GuruDroo