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This Woman Created an "Exit Interview" for the Man She Dates and It's Hilarious



Modern romance is super tricky and when things don't "pan" out for you with a potential significant other, then it's easy to feel down-and-out and sorry for yourself. Which is never a good mindset to be in.

Dates that go south ultimately leave you with a lot of questions, too. No one wants to get that phone call or text where someone's telling you that they "just didn't feel that spark" during that initial interaction.

Maybe you didn't feel that "spark" either, but darn it, don't you wish the other person was just a little more interested in learning more about you? GAH! If only there was a way to gather useful data from the people you dated so you could work on your personality to make it more fulfilling for you and attractive to others!

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Well, there is one way, but it's a weird, if not totally hilarious method constructed by this Twitter user and modern-dating wunderkind by the name of Katie. Now, we've seen some other ingenious ways of securing romantic partners in the past, but this one is a bit different.

Katie decided to concoct an exit interview for the people that she dated in order to come up. It looks like she did it in an official-looking Google form and everything. No, I'm not kidding, scroll down and take a look for yourself.

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Take notes, people. Because this is hands-down one of the best ideas I've seen when it comes to dating in the 21st century. Finally, you can get some closure instead of lying awake in bed at night wondering if you're going to die alone.

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Honestly, if I received a feedback form from someone I initially wasn't interested in, I'd definitely hit them up and see if I could score a second date, because that's a person worth revisiting, no diggity doubt.

Her friend Abby thought so too, which is why she shared the joyous dating exit survey with the rest of the internet. Her tweet further leads us to believe that the survey is indeed legit and used in her actual love life.

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Which makes the whole thing even funnier, and tons of other people on Twitter agree. Some went so far as to call her a genius and were grateful that she brought a heightened level of bureaucratic awareness to the world of dating.

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While others stressed that utilizing hard data and evidence in driving decisions, even ones that are usually decided on an emotional level, is an extremely important and worthwhile endeavor. I mean, how are you just going to go about your day basing decisions on your gut?

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I'm so happy that this person has what appears to be a Face/Off promotional picture (watermarked) of John Travolta and Nicholas Cage as their Twitter profile picture, while being 100 percent spot-on with this type of characterization.

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And some people asked the question that is on all of our minds right now: Did any of the dates actually fill it out and if they did, can we see their answers?! Sadly the answer to that is no, but we can hope that someone comes forward and gives Katie the reasons why they weren't interested in dating again.

After checking Katie's Twitter account, I noticed that she's employed other creative strategies in her quest for finding true love on the internet. Sure, her methods are a bit unconventional, but history's greatest innovators didn't become legends by thinking inside the box, did they?

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It's also important to note that Katie isn't the only person to bring a dash of office flair to the world of online dating. There were more than a few people who came up with the notion of making a Powerpoint on their Tinder profiles to prove why they'd be great to date.

Like Sam Dixey, who had his spot blown up online by Grace Barrow for his inventive approach to standing out from the rest of the thirsty dude crowd on Tinder. Something that he managed to pull off seamlessly. 

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Seriously, if I was a professor teaching some MBA class, I'd totally give Sam an A. Not just because of his clear and concise points, but because he managed to warm up this old working professional's heart by showing him that love does have a place in business. So beautiful.

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He's not the first, nor was he the last person to come up with a Powerpoint for their online dating profile, either. I don't care that the idea's been done before, I think this should become the standard for all dating profiles online.

I mean, just look at Lizzy Fenton's here. She sent this powerpoint to her crush. Did he message her back after seeing all of the great points that she made and suddenly want to date her? No. But that doesn't mean this isn't absolute perfection.

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