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This Guy's PowerPoint Tinder Profile Totally Charmed Twitter



If you've ever used Tinder, then you know that people's profiles all tend to be the same.

There'll be some references to Game of Thrones, a mention of t, and the obligatory photograph of someone skydiving or posing with a tiger so you know just how adventurous they are. 

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So in order to stand out from the rest of the crowd, you need to get creative. But how do you sell yourself as a viable, dateable, individual with just a few pictures and a short blurb that barely anyone reads anyway?

How about with a sweet PowerPoint presentation, like this guy did?

Gracie Barrow stumbled across a profile that was equal parts awesome, tongue-in-cheek, and downright adorable.

I mean, just look at it.

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Notice the strong call to action in the first PowerPoint slide. It begins with a clear thesis, a bold claim, and promises to be packed with compelling reasoning as to why you should make this call to action: "swiping right."

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From the first "body" slide, Sam doesn't waste any time. He jumps straight into his likes and dislikes but manages to pack three photos into the slide. It's not only clearly designed and easy to follow, but the bullet points provide valuable insight into the types of activities you may enjoy with him.

It's definitely enough to keep a person swiping.

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Sam also demonstrates some self-awareness here: he knows he's bragging about himself but manages to charm it up with some humor. He also slides in that he's great to bring to "family events," suggesting he isn't just a late-night "chill and hangout" kinda guy.

Then he just seals the deal with this brilliant testimonials section.

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Filled with terrible puns like Leonardo Di Capri Sun, and a dad joke at the end, Sam's final slide leaves no question in the Tinderer's mind: this dude is getting a swipe right.

It didn't take long for Gracie's tweet to blow up and people to find Sam on Twitter and congratulate him for his excellent online dating skills.

Sam, endearingly enough, admitted it was a team effort.

And it looks like all of the attention could be beneficial to his dating life.

Not saying he really needs that much help though: it's clear that Sam has got game.

People were loving his jokes.

While others found it so sexy that he knew his was around a Microsoft Office staple.

If there ever was a 100 percent swipe right, Sam is it.

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