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27 People Who Will Make You Feel a Lot Better About Being Clumsy

By Mustafa Gatollari

Getting injured is rarely ever fun (I guess it depends on the situation, but I digress). But if you're going to get hurt, it might as well be for something that's worth it, like fighting for the world title, or saving a child from getting hit by a car.

Suffering an injury in an embarrassing situation literally adds insult to injury, but it at least makes for a good story that you could look back on and laugh. Like that horrifying and humiliating intro scene to There's Something about Mary.

But getting injured in a completely mundane situation? That's not fun. Nor cool. You don't even have that embarrassing of a "yup that happened to me" kind of story to go along with the injury, except for the fact that something totally unremarkable caused you to get hurt in the first place.

The following unbelievably horrible injuries that occurred in the most innocuous of ways from this AskReddit thread are those kinds of ouchie-wawas.

1. Getting out of bed.

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I got out of bed a few weeks ago and turned my ankle. Tore every ligament and have to use crutches now.

- my_future_wife