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11 Waiters Reveal the Painfully Awkward Dates They Served

By Mustafa Gatollari

Watching an awkward exchange between a couple when you know them is bad enough, but imagine having to go through it when you're hired to wait on them. At least when you're a friend, you can just exit the situation. When your livelihood depends on it, it's literally your job to sit there and bask in the awkwardness.

In this recent AskReddit post, a bunch of people revealed some of the cringiest dates they witnessed while on the job.

1. "Sorry I slept with your sister, marry me?"

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One guy who worked at a dinner theater spot allowed someone to come up and sing a song. Typically, people will come up to perform and then, out of nowhere, get down on one knee and propose to their significant other. It's usually a cute, applause-filled affair.

Except this one dude who got a little too tipsy and delivered a "a slurred performance... that seemed to focus on how he was sorry for cheating on this woman with her sister." Naturally, the woman wasn't having any of it and stormed out of the venue. The stage manager could only think to grab the mic and simply say, "Well, that's that."

- AgainstBelief