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7 Petty Relationship Fights That Every Single Couple Has Had


Being single can be hard because you're always out there chasing your future SO. But being in a relationship can be equally tough, because when things between you aren't going smoothly, neither person wants to be in the center of the confrontation.

Every couple fights though, and relationship coaches agree arguments can strengthen your relationship — if you go about them productively, that is. But if you and your girlfriend find yourselves having the same silly fights over and over again, it might be time to dig a little deeper.

Men on reddit came together to share the dumbest arguments they’ve ever had with their girlfriends, and they’re honestly so relatable, we had to compile them all into one comprehensive list. 

Below, 7 petty fights you’ve definitely had — or are about to — and how to surmount them to build a stronger relationship.