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Sidepieces of the World Unite — and Reveal the Motivations Behind Their Questionable Dating Choice


Look, if you've made it to adulthood, have had a few meaningful relationships, and have never been cheated on, you're really lucky. And if you've achieved a few years of healthy marriage, you're even luckier. Statistics say that one out of every three marriages has a partner who admits to having cheated. 

I'm not proud to admit that I've been on both sides of an affair. While I was being cheated on, I had this idea that it must be nice to be the "other" woman, as I perceived they held so much power and didn't have to carry any emotional responsibility. But once I was in the position of being the sidechick, I quickly realized it's not an enviable position. 

Sure, there is a bit of a thrill, but it's kind of insignificant compared to the heartache that usually ensues once you start to catch the feels. So, why do people put themselves in this kind of lose-lose situation, leaving the people in the relationship completely disheveled and heartbroken? Below, 16 sidepieces share their sides of the story.

1. "I was young, she was an older married woman"

Source: istock
"I was young, she was an older married woman at work and I was stupid. At first, I just thought she liked me, and it was no-strings-attached fun. Then suddenly, she told me she had a husband and somehow I believed her when she said she was gonna leave her husband to be with me. I wasn't even sure if I wanted that, but went with it, cause, young and stupid.
The  delusion only lasted a few weeks. He showed up at work to pick her up, and I met him, and was like, 'What the f--k am I doing to this dude?'
And that was the end of it. I couldn't handle that s--t. I felt terrible for what I'd done."

- billbapapa