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This New Dating Trend Might Be The Most Upsetting One Yet

By Aimee Lutkin

It's hard to find someone out there; even if you do, it's hard to to commit. Dating apps make it seem like there's always someone better out there, and you can just keep swiping until your thumb falls off or you find them—the best person! Or are they? Keep swiping!

We have all responded to technology's invasion of romance in different ways. There's lots of ghosting, orbiting, haunting. People creep on your Insta feed, but don't reply to texts. If you've been out there, you know how confusing some of these interactions can get.

From this turmoil, a new dating trend has arisen: the situationship. What is that? It's when you're basically in a relationship with someone, but they don't want to call it a relationship. Or maybe it's you who is afraid to put a label on it.