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Source: twutter

Behind the Scenes Footage Shows How Much Manipulation Goes Into a Shampoo Ad


Special effects are used in just about every these days, even shampoo commercials.

When you take the time to look into how something is done or gets made, you can make some pretty startling revelations.

Sometimes, those discoveries are pleasant and interesting. Like when you discover that even though duck-billed platypuses are mammals, they lay eggs.

Other discoveries, while still interesting, are horrifying.

Like when you find out how imitation crab meat and other artificial fish products/meats are made. If you don't want to know the origins of the seafood salad at your local Chinese food buffet, just trust us and maybe skip the next sentence. 

(They grind up all the bits of fish no one wants — bones, scales, eyes — and then stretch it through a huge-taffy making machine and dye it white and red.)


While you don't want any modern technological magic, for the most part, involved in creating your food, you don't really mind directors who create magic on the silver screen. The more magical and awe-inspiring, the more you're sold on that fantasy.

It's why seeing behind-the-scenes footage can be so jarring, sometimes. Like this scene from Guardians of the Galaxy.