Boyfriend Freaks Out After Guy Wishes His Girlfriend A Happy Birthday



It can be difficult to know when you're in a controlling relationship. But Reddit user jackcolours recently shared an example that's pretty obvious. His friend, Ben, recently wished a friend called Jess a happy birthday on Facebook as any normal person would when Facebook sends you a notification. 

But as it turns out, Jess' boyfriend wasn't very happy about the exchange...

This guy has issues.

It even spread to Instagram. 

Jackcolours explained that things spread to Instagram because the boyfriend deleted Ben from Jess' Facebook:

"I think he is very loosely 'friends' with her, and he was just being polite by wishing her a happy birthday. he then got these messages and decided steer clear of the whole situation, i've met the guy who is being hostile here and he was very clearly a person who has many facets to his personality."

As you can imagine, people were concerned. 

"That's a textbook abusive relationship," one user wrote.

Another added:

"Yeah that girl needs to dump that guy real quick. Anyone that possessive and jealous you don't need in your life."

One commenter wrote:

"Yea. This is a big flag that he likely orders around his gf, tells her she can't hang out with certain people, and makes her ask permission to go out. Sexist and abusive."

Another user shared a similar experience:

"Next it'll be not letting her wear certain clothing that he deems inappropriate, not letting her hang around with girlfriends that he thinks are a bad influence, starting to poison her attitude towards her family.....cutting her off from anyone except him. Source: had one of those boyfriends when I was 17-18. What a prick!"

She definitely needs to get out of there.

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