This Guy's Twitter Story About His Crazy Ex Is The Most Insane Thing You'll Ever Read



The line between love and hate is a thin one. After all, the second you two become enemies, no one can hurt you as much as the person who you've shared your deepest and darkest secrets with, someone who knows what makes you tick, and what will absolutely tick you off. If you're lucky and have been in a relationship with an adult, the relationship ends when it ends and there is no drama that follows you after everything wraps up. Hell, some people even become friends after the cooling down period, or recognize that they simply do better when they aren't romantically involved with one another and can finish off life with a healthy relationship which is weird in its own right but to each their own.

Unfortunately, not everyone is that lucky and there are plenty of stories floating around about a hellish breakup, some of which were experienced by you or your friends and family and should probably be on this list right here. It's certainly hell while you're experiencing it, but once it's all said and done and a decade or two have passed so you can forget the intimate details, it's fun to look back on. Not really, but it at least gives you something in common with other people who had a crazy ex to deal with.

We've all had a crazy ex, one who just won't let go. But we're willing to bet that nothing you've dealt with is nearly as bad as what Twitter user Omar had to put up with. He recently took to Twitter to share the insane story that involves attempted murder, sex, and everything in between. 

But she didn't let it go easy, and as it turns out, she paid a girl to stand him up. 

And at a family barbecue last weekend, Omar discovered the final twist in the story. 

Well, that was a story for the ages. 

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