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Jake Tapper Just Lost It Live On TV When Nikki Haley Tried Defending President Trump

Jake Tapper Just Lost It Live On TV When Nikki Haley Tried Defending President Trump
1 year ago

We can all agree Donald Trump's abandonment of the Paris Climate Accords was quite the shocker. Nikki Haley appeared on State of the Union defending his decision. Her comments were so comical, Jake Tapper could only laugh and point out Trump's climate views are a "big box of crazy".

Nikki Haley has a tough job. We all have to deal with the decisions Trump makes, but Haley is one of the people who has to stand up and  defend those decisions.

Jake Tapper started his questions about the Paris Accords by bringing up one of Trump's tweets from several years ago. Trump claimed global warming made up by the Chinese.

Haley defended  Trump and claimed that the Paris Climate Accords was no good for  American businesses. “The jobs were not attainable as long as we had to live under those regulations. It wasn’t possible to meet the conditions under the Paris agreement.”

Without a beat, Tapper points out that the Paris Climate Accords, regulations included, were created and installed by American under President Obama's administration. 

Haley fumbles her words. It appears she's about to blame the rest of the world, but catches herself. She peddles back and blames Obama for the regulations.

This causes Tapper to not only laugh but to call Nikki out. He points out how Haley is avoiding the question and actually says, "Calling climate change a Chinese hoax is a big box of crazy."

Haley proceeds to say that Trump believes that climate is changing but never indicates whether or not he believes in climate change.

Here's the video below: 

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