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Source: youtube

Jake Tapper Just Lost It Live On TV When Nikki Haley Tried Defending President Trump


Global warming, despite having concrete evidence of both its existence and the impact humans have had on it, remains one of the most contested topics in every election cycle. Politicians, pundits, and your racist uncle that always pushes his luck on Thanksgiving remain convinced that scientists are, for some nefarious reason, lying to us for some unknown reason, often something along the lines of "'they're only doing it to be against Trump." Okay Uncle Kyle.

This is put on full display on TV and online when some unqualified individual starts spewing absolute nonsense to the masses about global warming being a hoax and how having laws in place to regulate the amount of pollutants companies are allowed to flood our atmosphere with is really hurting their bottom lines, yet it somehow never effects anyone's ability to be innovative. The painful thing is that it's evident that the majority of people spewing this rhetoric don't actually believe any of it themselves, but they're banking on not being on this planet anymore once mankind has to live with the consequences of their actions.

It's a common theme that we see time and time again, and its reared its ugly head once more as the US pulled out of the Paris Climate Accords, citing that the concept of global warming was an invention by our manufacturing rival to make us non-competitive with their output.

We can all agree Donald Trump's abandonment of the Paris Climate Accords was quite the shocker. Nikki Haley appeared on State of the Union defending his decision. Her comments were so comical, Jake Tapper could only laugh and point out Trump's climate views are a "big box of crazy".