15 Grilling Disasters You'll Want To Avoid This Independence Day



Independence Day is a time to reflect and celebrate our ancestors who freed us from British rule.  Of course, the best way to honor them and the middle of summer is to grill as much meat as humanly possible and stuff your face until you can't move anymore.  I think that is what the founding fathers were going for when they declared their independence and decided that they wanted to be a free nation.  What spells freedom more than a rack of ribs, ten hamburgers and hot dogs grilling to perfection.  When firing up the grill and getting ready for a festive meal though, there are definitely some precautions that we might want to take.  

You know it's the Fourth of July when local car dealerships give you prices so low you'll think they're CRAZY, or when highway fireworks pop-up shops start appearing out of nowhere. And although low, low prices on autos and colorful packets of gunpowder are July 4th staples, it's not an Independence Day without a good old cookout.

And grilling may seem like a pretty straight-forward venture, and that's because it is. You throw some food on the fire and periodically check on it to make sure it isn't burned. Simple. 

Unless you're these people. Then it's not so simple.

1. Like this burger disaster.

2. All smoke and nothing else.

3. That poor chicken.

4. The spinning umbrella.

5. What a mis-STEAK.

6. This is actually a win.

7. Is that...gasoline?!

8. What did he marinate that chicken with?

9. Heard you like it well done.

10. Clearing the grill.

11. Only you can help prevent forest fires.

12. What kind of grill set up is that?

13. Shopping carts gone wrong.

14. Shopping cart done right?

15. Why...just...why.

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