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Warner Bros. Has To Remove Henry Cavill’s Mustache From 'Justice League' Film

By Mike Walsh

Warner Bros. has been scrambling to accommodate actors' schedules for their extensive reshoots of DC Comics' 'Justice League', which is set to come out this November.

Some accommodations are easier than others, but some have become increasingly difficult and annoying.  Who would have thought that some of the CGI stuff would actually be the easy part of the edits of some of these super hero films.  As they keep coming along though (and it seems like there is one new super hero film coming out every month), I think they will realize that these big budget films will take a long time to edit, and when they need to re-shoot things with actors, those actors or actresses might be on their next project, or even two projects down the road.  Warner Bros. has recently run into this exact issue.  

Henry Cavill, who plays Superman in 'Justice League,' is alternating between shooting 'Mission: Impossible 6' and the 'Justice League' reshoots. The problem: Cavill has grown a mustache for his 'M:I 6' role, which is not in keeping with the look or the continuity of his role as Superman. 

And he's not allowed to shave.