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Source: Getty Images

We All Have That One Friend...15 Hilarous Memes You and Your BFFs Can Definitely Relate To

By Gabrielle Bernardini

Friends, unlike family, are the people in your life that you actually choose to be around. They're the people who have seen you at your worst, your drunkest, hungriest, saddest, angriest — and everything else in between. It's no small feat being a good friend. Friendships are the foundation of who you are as a person. To quote one of the greats: "You wouldn't buy a skirt without asking your friends first if it looks good on you." No, Gretchen Wieners, no you would not.

So, whether they provide a shoulder to cry on when you go through a bad breakup, or know your Taco Bell order by heart, friends should always be celebrated. So often are we whispering our love and adoration for our friends when they're picking us up off of the bathroom floor of the bar, or cleaning up the vomit we forgot was in our hair when we leave the party, but they deserve more than just our late-night belligerent mumbling.

We think you should tell your friends how much you love and appreciate them. To help commemorate your blossoming relationships, we rounded up 15 hilarious memes that you can send to your buddies to show how much you value your friendship. Get your group chats and DMs ready, and check out our list below!