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These Two Photos Show The Fundamental Difference Between Obama And Trump



People get super passionate about politics and politicians - myself included. This is especially true when it comes to the months leading up to an election. People are chomping at the bit to back their prospective candidate to validate all of their own life choices and beliefs in the process.

Now I can go into a long tirade about how I don't really trust any politician or their promises because they're just like me at a job interview - I'll say or do anything they want to get the job.

But there are some things you can't fake. Sometimes, a person's actions speak far louder than their words.

Like these similar pictures of Barack Obama and Donald Trump both walking in the rain.

The character of both men are easily put on display. One is man to be content with being the only guy holding an umbrella in the rain, letting everyone else get rained on. The other, well, the picture tells it all.

Of course Twitter responded to the photos in the best way.

But when you learn a little bit more about these photos, they become even more powerful.

Source: AP

In the photo, Trump can be seen walking with Pam Bondi (who he's happy to leave out of the umbrella). Bondi decided to not pursue Trump University for fraud, which was shady as hell to say the least. Why? Well, because Bondi's campaign received a $25,000 donation from Trump's foundation.

This photo of Obama in the rain? That was taken while he was mourning at Andrews' Air Force Base as he was headed to Boston after the bombing in 2013.

Source: Getty

But again, it could just be a photo op. Trump could be a really swell guy and Obama could totally be the anti-christ.  

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