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Source: istock

Indian-Americans Raise $100,000 For Hero Who Took A Bullet During Racist Attack

By Mark Pygas

Last month, Srinivas Kuchibhotla, 32, was shot dead by Adam Purinton, 51, at a bar in Olathe, Kansas. According to witnesses who spoke to the Kansas City Star, Purinton had been kicked out of the bar for verbally assaulting Kuchibhotla, who Purinton seemed to believe was of Middle Eastern descent. Purinton later came back into the bar and shouted "get out of my country" before opening fire. 

Alok Madasani, another Indian-American, was also injured. And things could have potentially been even worse if bystander Ian Grillot, 24, hadn't intervened. When shots rang out, Grillot, a regular at the bar and described as “everyone’s friend,” intervened and tried to prevent the shooter from escaping or shooting someone else. 

Source: Srinivas Kuchibhotla