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Source: (Photo by JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Conservatives Protest Starbucks' Newest Holiday Cups, And It's Not About Jesus This Time

By Mike Walsh

It seems like each release of Starbucks holiday cups comes a controversy. The company has been producing 'winter themed' cups since 1997 and every year the designs have evolved. Some years have had hand drawn snowflakes and other stenciled on snowmen. Probably the most famous controversy came in 2015 with the 'red cups' that transitioned into a more simplistic design that was clearly holiday-esque yet didn't contain any direct references or designs towards Christmas. Conservatives and Christians saw this as yet another war on Christmas and famously boycotted the chain for the deigns. 

So it's clear with each release Starbucks has a lot to look out for cause they know whatever they do will upset someone somewhere.

It's just not the holiday season without a Starbucks cup controversy.

This year, conservatives are pointing out a very small detail of the current Starbucks cup design. Take a very close look and see if you could spot whats possibly causing drama this holiday season: