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Source: Twitter

This Man Has Traveled to Every State in America to Mow Lawns for the Elderly and Disabled

By Aimee Lutkinnnn

Just when I'm about to throw the entire Internet in a garbage can, I come across a story like this one about a man named Rodney Smith Jr. 

Smith began an epic journey in May, traveling to every state in America, KRDO reports. And he's not just sight-seeing. Smith is offering his services for free to the elderly and disabled as a friendly neighborhood lawn mower man. 

Smith actually runs a business called Raising Men Lawn Care Service, which has the philosophy that doing a little good for your community will in turn do a lot of good for you. The website connects kids who want to do a public service with people who need some help around the house, offering free lawn mowing to "veterans, the elderly, the  disabled and even single mothers."

People can volunteer to do some lawn care work in their own city or neighborhood. Meanwhile, Smith went on his national tour to promote this idea, while helping lots of people get their lawns in order. He just finished up in Hawaii.