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Source: iStock Photo

Guy Is Mad at Roommate for Calling Him an Ambulance When He Was Blackout Drunk


What do you do when your roommate is blackout drunk and might be in danger? Do you hope he sleeps it off and is OK in the morning, or do you call him an ambulance to make sure nothing goes horribly wrong overnight? One roommate decided to take the safe route and call an ambulance after his roommate got blackout drunk and was stumbling all over the place. But now that he's sover, the drunk dude is mad because he's been saddled with a large hospital bill. 

In a post on Reddit's "Am I the A-hole?" the drunk guy explains that he went to a college party that one of his friends threw. He "got pretty drunk" and when he left, he was stumbling around trying to get to his room. One of his housemates helped him there and told him to sleep it off. 

Source: iStock Photo