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Guy Is Mad at Roommate for Calling Him an Ambulance When He Was Blackout Drunk



What do you do when your roommate is blackout drunk and might be in danger? Do you hope he sleeps it off and is OK in the morning, or do you call him an ambulance to make sure nothing goes horribly wrong overnight? One roommate decided to take the safe route and call an ambulance after his roommate got blackout drunk and was stumbling all over the place. But now that he's sover, the drunk dude is mad because he's been saddled with a large hospital bill. 

In a post on Reddit's "Am I the A-hole?" the drunk guy explains that he went to a college party that one of his friends threw. He "got pretty drunk" and when he left, he was stumbling around trying to get to his room. One of his housemates helped him there and told him to sleep it off. 

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"I don't remember too much since I blacked out, but this is what some of my housemates told me," he wrote. "My roommate was in the room when I came in and he said I kept falling off the bed and talking to myself. He ended up calling an ambulance for me and apparently the EMTs forced me to go to the hospital and threatened to call the police if I didn't so I didn't have a choice."

When he woke up the next morning, he was allowed to leave, but not before he was slapped with a $1,000 bill for the ambulance. "I was absolutely pissed with my roommate for calling me an ambulance," he wrote. "It's one thing if I had alcohol poisoning or something like that but I literally just slept at the hospital and left the next morning... The roommate said he got scared and didn't know they would take me to the hospital but that just made me even more mad since there was like five other people in the house at the time and his first reaction was to call the police rather than ask the others."

I just have to say...wow. What a tool bag. Maybe if he didn't get so drunk his roommate feared for his life, he wouldn't be in this situation. It's so not the roommate who's in the wrong here. This guy needs to take responsibility for himself...majorly. Luckily, commenters agreed.

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"Don't get so wasted that you can't take care of yourself and things like this don't happen. Your roommate isn't an a-hole for caring about your health and safety," one person wrote. If it was at the point where the EMTs were going to call the cops if he didn't agree to go to the hospital, it was definitely a situation that warranted a call to the paramedics. 

The roommate didn't know if he had alcohol poisoning or not. In his state, he very well could have. And even if he was sure he didn't, it's still not the roommate's responsibility to babysit his grown man of a roommate all night and make sure he's OK. "YTA for making your binge drinking into your roommate's problem," another commenter wrote. "If you didn't black out, you wouldn't have spent the night in the hospital." Nothing that happened was the fault of the roommate. He is the only responsible for his situation. 

A recent story shows just how serious the consequences can be for people who don't get medical attention when they need to. A San Diego University student died after attending a fraternity event, according to CNN. Nineteen-year-old Dylan Hernandez made it to the hospital the morning after the event, but by then it was too late. 

A student told CNN affiliate KGTV that he had fallen off his bunkbed during the night. But he seemed to be asleep, so his friends helped him back into bed. In the morning, he was foaming at the mouth and had no pulse. It's not clear what exactly happened at the fraternity event that Dylan attended, but you can probably surmise that it had something to do with alcohol. 

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University president Adela de la Torre suspended 14 fraternities following Dylan's death, revealing that police had information that "a fraternity was involved in possible misconduct." Hazing rituals are a very real issue in campus Greek life.

Students are forced to partake in drinking to extreme excess, physical abuse, and countless other "traditions" that can have last, devastating effects. The culture of binge drinking at "college parties," like the one the Reddit poster attended, is pervasive and terrible. It's not normal to black out from drinking, not be able to find your bedroom, and expect your roommate just to ignore you. 

In fact, who knows what could have happened if he didn't call an ambulance when he did. As we know, any number of tragedies could have occurred while he was blissfully blacked out. He should be grateful for his roommate's actions and should never subject him to the same situation ever again.

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