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Real Life 'Men In Black' Exist And These Creepy Stories Pretty Much Prove It

Real Life 'Men In Black' Exist And These Creepy Stories Pretty Much Prove It
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There's a longstanding internet theory that the Men in Black are real.

No, this isn't a case of Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith taking their iconic cinema roles too seriously, but a series of events and stories that people have collectively gathered on the internet that all point to the conclusion that the Men in Black are actually real.

Now it's worth mentioning that these stories are pretty much impossible to corroborate, but celebrities like Dan Akroyd and Tom DeLonge have both gone on the record describing some of their encounters with real life 'Men in Black'. Like any good creepy story on the internet, you should read these accounts and decide for yourself.

MIB description: black suits, no expressions, and zero personality.

Allegedly, all people who've claimed to have been in contact with the Men in Black have either researched or seen UFOs.

Most people's stories describe their interactions with the Men in Black as being very similar: the "faceless" men approaching them say they're a member of some type of organization and present white cards that read "Security". They refer to each other by numbers, not names. They also claim that MIB often times intimidate and scare people into keeping quiet about their extraterrestrial sightings and research.

1. The first man to report an encounter with the MIB was Harold Dahl in 1947.


Dahl was apparently out on his boat in the Puget Sound in Washington when six  circular objects appeared in the sky. One of the objects apparently fell apart. The ensuing debris struck his ship, which ended up injuring his son and killing his dog.

Dahl said he snapped photos of the debris, but a Man in Black fogged over his pictures and told him to never speak of what happened ever again.

2. The second official record comes 20 years later, by Robert Richardson in Toledo, Ohio.

Richardson was driving home one night when he claims that he hit a UFO with his car. The flying object vanished, but Richardson had a piece of metal from the UFO stuck to his car. He fished the metal out of his car and claims that a week later some men in black suits appeared at his door and asked for the metal he had saved from the crash.

When Richardson informed them that he gave the metal to the authorities already for testing, they threatened his wife.

"If you want your wife to stay as pretty as she is, then you'd better get the metal back."

He never heard from them again nor did he know how they discovered the metal ever existed in the first place.

3. Jack Robinson - 1968: a New Jersey resident claims him and his wife were constantly being harassed by a man in a black suit.


Robinson was a UFO researcher, who reported that his apartment was rummaged through and there would be a man in a black suit and hat who would constantly be standing outside of his apartment. The couple's friend, Timothy Green Beckley, managed to snap a photo of the man in black as he was waiting outside.

4. 1976 - Dr. Herbert Hopkins another UFO researcher, gets a call from someone who claimed to be a rep from a NJ UFO organization.

The man asked if Hopkins was alone and would like to discuss his research, Hopkins said sure and they talked about what he had found. By the time Hopkins hung up the phone, a man was at his doorstep. Hopkins described the man as being bald without eyebrows wearing a neatly tailored suit. He had red lips and very, very white skin.

What the MIB "agent" did next is where things get truly creepy. He took a coin out of his pocket and told Hopkins to watch it.

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"it started to develop a silver color instead of copper and then the silver became bluish and the penny was getting quite fuzzy, out of focus, blurred, and then it simply was gone – it slowly dematerialized."

After that happened, the man ordered that Hopkins destroy all of his research.

5. Dan Akroyd's Sci-Fi series gets mysteriously canceled mid-shoot.


The Blues Brothers star had a series called Out There that he sold to the Sci Fi channel. It dealt with crop circles, UFOs, alien abductions, and all type of extraterrestrial research. 

The actor recounts his chilling experience with a Man in Black.

While taking a break from interviews on an episode of the show, Akroyd stepped outside and saw, across a busy New York street, a man in a black suit standing outside a black Ford sedan. When Akroyd looked away for a second and looked back, the sedan was gone. What's really strange is that two hours after spotting a MIB, Akroyd was told by producers that they were instructed to stop filming (mid-shoot, mind you) and the show was canceled. 

6. The 2008 Shane Sovar Hotel Incident 

Sovar, Manager at a Niagara Falls hotel along with a security guard reported seeing a triangular UFO outside their building. A group called the Aerial Phenomenon Investigations Team responded to the incident. That team and three other witnesses report that some weeks later, two Men in Black entered the hotel. Allegedly they scared the staff at the hotel and asked for Sovar and the Security Guard, who weren't present at the time. 

The men were described as tall with identical faces that had no eyebrows or eyelashes and really, really pale skin.

7. Blink  182 guitarist, Tom DeLonge, claims to have proof of a massive government cover-up regarding aliens.

He penned a book about the subject and spoke about his research extensively with Rolling Stone magazine and even hints at being visited by the nefarious Men in Black.

So what do you think? All conspiracy theory hogwash? Or all true?

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