Worker Tries to Flex About Working 100 Hours a Week, Impresses No One

A man bragged about working 100 hours a week for likes but got roasted by the internet instead. Watch Colton Mushinski's controversial video!

Pretty Honore - Author

Jun. 26 2023, Published 2:31 p.m. ET

A years-old African-American proverb coined by the Wu-Tang Clan says: “Cash Rules Everything Around Me,” and this is big facts for one man who bragged about working 100 hours per week.

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Putting in that many hours in seven days isn’t easy, but this now-viral TikTok video proved it is possible.

Unfortunately for the man … the post didn't get the response he expected. Keep reading for all of the details.

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Man brags about working 100 hours per week, but doesn't impress the internet.

Meet Colton Mushinski, the subject of the original video that sent TikTok into a tizzy. His video was reshared by @thepaulmccomas51.

Colton really thought he did something spectacular when he announced that he works twice as many hours as most of us do in a week.

Paul captioned the recently resurfaced video: “If you work less than 100 hours a week, lower your tone when you talk to me.”

However, Colton's weird flex wasn't well-received by Paul or the internet at large.

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After his post went viral the first time around, the internet dug up some pretty disturbing dirt about Colton, but that’s a story to another day …

On another note, his video did spark a much-needed conversation about the downside of hustle culture.

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Chasing the American dream shouldn’t feel like a nightmare, but thanks to capitalism, here we are. Many of us have to work two, or even three jobs to make ends meet, and with all the time we spend working to live, we slowly but surely find ourselves living to work … just ask @brian_is_inked, who found this out the hard way.

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Brian also worked in an oilfield, where he too put in hella overtime. He shared his cautionary tale in a November 2022 post on TikTok. “So I see a lot of people post across TikTok and social media like working over 100 hours a week is some kind of f------ flex or something; Like it’s a master achievement that’s been unlocked," he said.

He asserted that the man in the viral post was trying to make it seem like he’s “better than somebody that [doesn’t] work as much” as him.

“When in reality, you’re the dumb and ignorant one — they’re the smart ones. They’re not the ones wasting their f------ life away working,” Brian went on.

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Brian revealed that choosing work over his home life is a decision he regrets to this day. In the comment section, other users echoed his sentiments.

"In the transition for change now. [My] son is gonna be 8 ... I missed his baby years,” one user, @snafuberta1.0 wrote.

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@Elko775 added: “Well said! I thought it was a flex in my 20s and old timers would laugh at me and now I know the reasons.”

But for some users, the message went completely over their heads.

“100 hours a week is impressive — that’s 14 hours, seven days a week. You lose a lot of memories but you’re building the best life possible for your family,” @calebhearn commented.

It’s important to ask yourself: What good is putting in the hours if you can’t enjoy the fruits of your labor? Just some food for thought.

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