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Teacher Proves Even Third Graders Can Understand the Concept of Consent


A third grade teacher's lesson about consent is going viral because of just how simply she breaks down the concept.

Growing up and trudging my way through school, there were three kinds of teachers I'd encounter. There was the one that really just didn't care and did the bare minimum.

Then there were the exciting and funny teachers who were clearly passionate but weren't very good at their jobs. Sure, they were entertaining and you looked forward to going to their classes, but you could tell they were leading a lesson entirely for themselves. You may have learned something here or there in their classes, and at least they made life a bit more fun, but you weren't really walking out of that room with your mind blown.

Then there were the teachers who had the grind of that old-school educational institution mentality, but they honestly cared about you as a person. And they knew their subject matter inside and out, so they were able to teach it in a way that was simple and easy to understand on a personal level. These are the teachers you think about years later and still feel a smile grow on your face. Their lessons are ones you'll never forget.

Liz Kleinrock sounds like one of those teachers.