“What Did You Buy?” — Man Receives $400 Million Verizon Phone Bill


Sarah Kester - Author

May 1 2024, Published 4:26 p.m. ET

You thought your phone bill was bad? Try receiving a phone bill for 400 million dollars. It sounds like a joke, but that’s the reality facing a Verizon customer who is sharing his bizarre story on TikTok.

It turns out that he's not alone, either, as several other customer have come forward to share their stories.

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In his viral video, TikTok user Trevor Fitzgerald (@deathby2wheels) shared that he had two Apple Watches and two iPhones on his Verizon bill. When he left Verizon for another phone company, they sent him his final bill.

He estimated that he would owe the company $5,000. So you can imagine his shock when he opened the letter and saw the actual amount.

“It is humanely insane to say maybe even 10, 15, 20, 30 thousand dollars,” he shared in the video, which currently has over 14 million views.

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As he gripped the letter in his hands, he went on to read from it.

“We will attempt to debit your credit or debit card referred below for all or part of your Verizon bill,” the letter read. It also stated that Trevor could make a same-day payment paying the bill in full.

The chances of that happening became incredibly slim once Trevor showed viewers the total amount due.

“Get ready,” he said as he flipped the camera around to show the bill. The “balance due as of this date” showed $439,092,988.00.

Trevor shared that they then dared to write at the bottom of the letter, “Thank you for choosing Verizon.”

Jokes on them — most people don’t have $400, let alone $400 million in their bank account.

Trevor was understandably dumbfounded as to how this happened. “I am not in the right clothes, the right … vehicle, the right tax bracket —like, did someone go on my account and order 500 of everything?” he asked.

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In the comments section, users were equally in disbelief about the massive bill.

“That’s a lawsuit; fight them. Even for the four devices on your plan, in no way, shape, or form could that ever add up to $400 million,” wrote another user.

Trevor isn’t alone, either. Many people in the comments shared their stories of getting charged the wrong amount.

“OK, I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE!” this user wrote. “I got this same letter. Figured it was an error because my name wasn’t on it,” a woman shared with a laughing emoji. “Threw that right in the trash.”

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A third user shared that they had seen other TikTok videos of Verizon customer’s complaining.

“This is the second Verizon video I’ve seen today. Other girl was 2 watches 2 phones and it was 388 million,” a user shared.

TikTok user Kelly McGee (@kellymcgee4) shared a video of her receiving the same amount of $439,092,988.00. Like Trevor, she also had two Apple Watches and two phones on her account when she left the company.

“Did you buy Verizon or just 2 phones and 2 watches?” a user joked.

“If you call and complain they’ll give you $10 off,” another teasingly suggested.

A third wrote what we were all thinking: “Can we add my $309 bill? You won't know the difference.”

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