Roommate Post Asks Strangers to Be Full-Time Carer for Adult with Down Syndrome

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Jan. 22 2022, Published 10:41 a.m. ET

The housing crisis in the United States has been getting progressively worse. With increasing property taxes and the cost of homes and available plots of land going through the roof, folks are being forced into getting creative with tiny home or trailer living.

This also means that renting costs for folks looking to live in an apartment or as a roommate has also increased, which leads folks into some less-than-ideal situations.

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Having to share a space with someone who's got a particular set of rules is tough, but some folks are willing to make concessions if they don't have the budget to afford a place wherever they work/study or if they're just trying to save up some cash to hopefully some day own a place that they'll absolutely love.

If you find yourself in this position (one that many Americans are in) then the prospect of "free rent" would probably see like an interesting one.

But what would you be willing to do for not having to pay living costs? One post that went viral on Reddit shocked subscribers to the Choosing Beggars sub for the number of demands the poster was offering to prospective roommates in exchange for a monthly room without costs.

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The post reads as follows:

"Are you a compassionate person with a great sense of humor who enjoys cooking, and looks for way to encourage independence by developing daily routines and skills in those around you?

If so we are looking for a supportive roommate to share [blanked out] apartment with a 25 years old young man who was Down Syndrome."

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The rest of the post is filled with a number of asks from the prospective roommate that effectively reads like a job description for an at-home carer. Reminding the individual to take their medication, cooking healthy meals for them, being their personal chauffeur using their own insured car, keeping the house clean, and planning a fitness regimen are just a few of the requests from OP.

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What's more is that they want the free-rent seeker in question to schedule Zoom calls/meetings along with church club and activities, be an emergency contact/actor, and help out with laundry. Oh, and being a friend to the 25-year-old man with Down Syndrome who is referenced in the post.

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On top of all this, you'll need to be vaccinated against COVID and you can't have a pet or drink or smoke weed. So they're basically asking you to be a full-time carer for a grown man and your salary will be free rent.

Redditors were shocked at the brazen request from the poster, user connotrait wrote: "A carer. They are looking for. A carer...."

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No-Mastodon-7187 wrote "A full-time job for the price of rent. Not even room and board." Others were just shocked at the final request at the end of the post: "Please write a note and explain why you deserve it. Lol."

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Some even argued that the post was looking for someone to technically fill the role of 2 jobs while others said that what OP was really looking for was "a mommy."

Folks who had experience with at-home carers said that the going rate for one was $280 a day. So unless the cost of the room was $8,400 a month, this is a total scam.

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