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Source: 20th century fox

Brad Pitt Goes to Mars in 'Ad Astra' but Reviews Are Mixed


I want to watch Ad Astra mostly because the man Brad Pitt plays in the film has the most Brad Pitt character trait ever: his heart rate never accelerates, even when he's plummeting back down to earth in a spacesuit. Reviews of the film are mixed, with some expecting the movie to do well at the Oscars, while others aren't so forgiving, calling it a methodical, dragging affair. Not exactly the kind of movie you want to hang around for a post-credits scene.

Ad Astra spoilers ahead!

An NBC News Think opinion piece gives the film the kind of review you'd expect after seeing the trailer: The movie is self-serious to the point that some lines even come off as a parody. And there's a lot of understated moments that are supposed to cause tension, but for some viewers, these scenes just come off as boring.

So what's the movie about? Well, if you plan on seeing it and don't want anything spoiled, then stop reading.