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Source: b-reel films

Does 'Midsommar' Have an After-Credits Scene?


Does Midsommar have an after-credits scene? When the insanity of the film is finally over and audience members get a respite from the horror they just witnessed on screen, does director Ari Aster have anything else in store for fans?

Ari's previous horror film, Hereditary, which chronicles a family's struggle to deal with grief and the crazy happenings they endure in the wake of trauma doesn't have an after-the-credits stinger.

Should you stick around for a Midsommar after-credits scene?

Viewers who check out Ari's follow-up to his highly-praised 2018 release can feel free to exit the theater once the credits begin to roll because there's nothing else to watch. Unless you like sitting around in the dark, pondering what you just saw. And for a film like Midsommar that might be a good idea.