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How Alex Charvat of 'Reclaimed' Went From Refusing to Get Cable to Being a Part of It


For a man who doesn't have cable, Alex Charvat sure knows how to be a part of it. Although he's a structural engineer by trade, Alex has been on our televisions since 2011 when he showed off his marksmanship skills in History Channel's Top Shot. But he's back with a new show where he gets to show off his engineering skills instead. Get to know Alex and how he got Reclaimed greenlit.

Alex Charvat didn't make his TV debut on 'Reclaimed'. He started on 'Top Shot'.

Alex got his start on TV back in 2011 when he was in Season 3 of History Channel's Top Shot. The series follows a group of 16 contestants, split into two teams, as they competed in various types of shooting challenges. The contestants were eliminated one by one until only one remained, who was named "Top Shot" and given a prize of $100,000.