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Source: History

Here's What Happened to Kyle and Ben Bell After Leaving Reality Series 'Mountain Men'


A "supertramp" lifestyle (Into the Wild anyone?) is when individuals decide to forgo all technology (yes, that means no phones or TVs) and live off the land like our ancestors did. 

Mountain Men follows the lives of people who have taken to the outdoors to tackle nature and find food and shelter; therefore, surviving on the Earth’s natural elements. 

After seven seasons, fans are still fascinated by the lifestyle of these History Channel stars. In Season 3, fans were introduced to father-and-son duo Kyle and Ben Bell. We loved watching their dynamic play-out on-screen. Similar to young Ben, we too learned many lessons from Kyle, such as how to build a fire, or how to hunt for food. 

While the pair were definitely fan favorites, the former reality stars quietly exited the show after only two seasons.